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Excavator Loading into Container Lasted 7 Days


ACEX Estonia delivers not only new construction equipment but also used machines.

ACEX Group Sent over 800 Books for Private Library


Multimodal department organized an unusual delivery from Russia to Germany.

Season in Thailand is Open for Both Tourists and Air Cargo Companies


ACEX was among the first five forwarders having booked the cargo on the resumed flight of Thai Airways.

ACEX Estonia Got the Contract They Tried to Sign during Half a Year


ACEX Estonia won a tender for delivery of Volvo construction equipment from different countries of the world in the direction of Central Asia.

ACEX Knows how to Equip Galley on Vessel


CARGO EXPRESS, the member of ACEX, easily creates special loading schemes for diversified cargo

ACEX Delivery Project will Help Resuscitation Patients


12 tons of resuscitation beds for the Irkutsk regional hospital were delivered by CARGO EXPRESS (member of ACEX).

АСЕХ First Transportations in 2017 – from Helicopters to Khokhloma


How did АСЕХ members start the year of 2017 and which transportations became the first ones?

ACEX (Novorossiysk) Sent 5 Containers with Vodka to Laos


Five containers with vodka and small glasses as a present traveled from Ulyanovsk to Laos via Spain.

ACEX Group Delivered Mi-17 Helicopter Simulator to Indonesia


The Russian full-flight simulator was sent to the Aviation training center in Indonesia by ACEX (Saint Petersburg).

Russian 3D Atraction Took Part in Exhibition in USA


CARGO-EXPRESS, member of ACEX Group, and MIG Express, USA, accomplished the project on transportation of the Russian 3D attraction.

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