Love without borders


Imagine, cats began to live in people's homes around 3600 BC, and dogs were imbued with sympathy for us as early as 30,000 years ago. So many years have passed, and how much we still do not know about our four-legged friends.

Some interesting facts:

  • Cat tongue receptors do not perceive sweet taste.
  • The dog's sense of smell is developed so that it can smell a smell at a distance of several hundred meters.
  • The sense of smell of cows is much more subtle than that of dogs. They are able to smell at a distance of up to 8-10 kilometers.
  • Hamsters are prone to alcohol addiction.

When it comes to the life and health of pets, the distance from Moscow to Singapore is overcome easily, bypassing all restrictions. Thus, on January 18, ACEX specialists in Moscow sent more than 2 tons of veterinary drugs to the port of Novorossiysk. Today, the cargo crosses the sea route to Singapore through the Suez Canal.

Love for animals has no limits!

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