ACEX Group Delivers Humanitarian Aid to Tundra


This June the weather in the North of Russia was very hot, the temperature could reach 25-35 degrees, what is absolutely atypical for this region.  This caused melting of the higher layer of permafrost and activation of anthrax bacillus which may cause animal diseases. 

Reindeer were the first ones who fell ill, and then the diseases passed to people.  The citizens of the Yamal region had to abandon the quarantine zone having left all the belongings and acquired property.   All the people were evacuated from the quarantine territory.

In order to relieve the emergency situation in the territory of the Yamal-Nenets autonomous district the administration announced collecting the humanitarian and financial aid.

ACEX Group arranged delivery of the humanitarian aid for those suffered from the disaster. The delivery was ordered by the company “Omega-Sever” which is engaged in the delivery of medical equipment for the medical institutions.  

Alexandra Chagina, the Deputy director for business development, informs: “We had to organize a prompt delivery of medical equipment on the route Moscow-Salekhard. Besides that our company had to collect parts of the consignment from different points of Moscow. According to the shipping terms the boxes had to be marked as the “Humanitarian cargo”. When the cargo was ready it was delivered to the Domodedovo airport and then it had to be sent to the Salekhard clinical hospital.”    

Total volume of the delivery was equal to 14 pieces with different medical equipment at the cost of approximately 2 million rubles. The cargo was delivered by “Yamal” airline. At present time it is used by the doctors of Salekhard for relieving the sufferers.  


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