The Most Needed Product was Sent from Finland to Australia

DSCN6013.JPGWoodworking machinery of the Finnish company “Maaselän Kone Oy” with thirty years’ experience enables to use in countries worldwide renewable resources for heating, cooking and, of courses, for warm hearth creation. ACEX Finland transported such machinery for Australian company.

ACEX Group has global agency network on every continent what enables our partners from different countries to find reliable agents anywhere in the world.

Request for transportation of Finnish machinery was received by ACEX Group from Australian agents. “This has been the third request from our Australian partners for the last 2 years which indicates high level of transport services rendering by ACEX Finland,” says Julia Nikiforova, Customer service manager.

елена пак.jpg
Order for transportation of woodworking machinery was sent to the sealine Maersk. According to Elena Pak, ACEX Finland, the Finnish office with increasing frequency works directly with the sea lines such as Maersk, Evergreen, MSC, Cosco, thereby improving service for the clients in the terms of rates offering and cargo monitoring.

On March 23 the cargo loading with total weight about 5 tons was executed in Haapajärvi. On March 28 the container was shipped on the vessel at the port of Helsinki and sent to Sydney, Australia.

On May 19, 2015 the cargo was delivered at the destination point and handed to the client just in time. 

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