No Chicken was Harmed in the Transportation


цыплята_кроссы.jpgHigh-quality transportation of different one-day-old agricultural birds’ species is an important stage in technology of their further successful breeding. Considering importance of this aspect many poultry farms execute domestic birds delivery using special transport which provides required microclimate and full safety conditions.

In this regard role of airfreight cannot be overestimated. In case the required conditions of delivery speed, safety and microclimate provision are violated all efforts to get high-quality and healthy one-day-old birds species of high yielder can come to naught. This may cause death and sickness of just hatched nestlings. Delivery of such “just hatched” nestlings from the incubator is a very vital procedure on which health, vitality, growth and development of the one-day-old birds as well as productivity of breeding birds depend.

That is why the suppliers and manufacturing enterprises prefer to deal with conscientious and reliable transport companies. ACEX Kazakhstan proved to be a good company on the airfreight market. This year the company executed safe and sound transportation of two lots of birds from Moscow to Almaty. Now 7000 chickens of 42 new ornamental breeds of hens will be bred for further reproduction and sale in Almaty region.

«We have exeсuted 2 transportations from Moscow to Almaty by “Transaero” in July and October. Both of them were successful. “No bird was harmed while making of this transportation”, informed Balzhan Abitova, ACEX Kazakhstan.

“It is much more convenient and advantageous to purchase birds in the Russian Federation rather than abroad”, tells Ratmir Abdrashitov, Poultry farm director, “A new cross “Smena 8” is a quick growing bird with a high output of pectoral muscle and less fat content, high feed conversion rate and livestock population similarity. We feared for the batch safety as it is a living biological organism demanding extra conditions and attention while transportation. The rick that the chickens could have died in the plane was very high. Such accidents happened repeatedly when we executed transportation of chickens from Europe and Russia”, Ratmir Abdrashitov tells about transportation issues, - “the main reason of the birds death was overcooling and suffocation. This time such problems did not touch us. We are very grateful to ACEX Kazakhstan for this”.

  транспортировка цыплят.jpgThe chickens were transported by plane in special boxes with ventilation openings on the top and on each side. Temperature inside the box had to be at least +30 *C. It was necessary to provide proper steadiness and ventilation. Each box was divided on 4 sections. In case of too close placement the chickens could have been crushed. That is why in each section there were maximum 15 birds.

While preparation for transportation all necessary veterinary and sanitary measures were taken. Each nestling was vaccinated and got several drops of glucose before transportation. Special light conditions were created for calming the chickens.

 “Without intense lighting the metabolic process of the nestlings is slowing down what promotes better adaptation to transportation conditions” , - tells Ratmir Abdrashitov, “residual stomach yolk of one-day-old chicken allows to transport it within 3 days without nutrition and watering”.


Just hatched nestling can maintain high viability at the account of stored energy and residual yolk. But if to feed the chickens at least once you will have to do this every 3-4 hours otherwise they will die. For this reason it was so important to send just hatched nestlings with maximum comfort and very fast. “The newborns” came into the world on October 2 and on October 3 they were at “home” at a new poultry farm.

 The farm management is content with the partnership relations with our company and recommends other farms to use the experience and transport opportunities of ACEX Kazakhstan.


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