ACEX Group Shared its Professional Experience with Participants of “STL-2014”


Александра Чагина-СТЛ.jpgAlexandra Chagina, the Head of airfreight department, ACEX Group, told the participants of the conference “Logistics solutions: best practices and success stories” about one of the most interesting and challenging business-cases of ACEX Group - "Transportation of musical instruments for The Royal Dutch Symphony Orchestra during its world tour”.

The project was implemented within the framework of cooperation between international partners entering into logistics ACEX Alliance. Our partners from China, the Netherlands and Russia were engaged in this multimodal transportation.

"Storage. Transport. Logistics" exhibition was mostly devoted to warehousing, - comments Alexandra Chagina, - ACEX Group was the only participant who presented airfreight topic and described step-by-step all the problems faced and the solutions offered for the customer, as well as spoke of the difficult procedure of cargo safety provision and weak points occurred while transportation”.

Musical instruments of the Concertgebouw, the Royal Dutch Symphony Orchestra, established in 1888, are unique. Among instruments belonging to the Orchestra are the following antiques: Stradivari violin, 1713, at the cost of 1,5 MIO Euro; Guarneri violin, 1867, which cost is equal to 1,4 MIO Euro, Roger’s violoncello, 1696 – 500 thousands Euro, and others.

СТЛ-2014.jpg Special requirements imposed on cargo transportation: temperature and humidity level maintenance, special guard escort during the whole period of transportation, shipment into vehicles with hydro filter, night goods handing over at terminal and soonest possible customs clearance under ATA CARNET, special permissions issue for the orchestra’s employees to participate at night loading in Sheremetyevo.

Alexandra told about all stages and phases of the logistics cargo transportation chain between Alliance partners in different countries. Transport companies being the main participants of the conference expressed great interest to the specificity of the report.

Among the participants and reporters were STS Logistics, LogLab, GEFKO Russia, etc. Professional experience of cooperation between several international companies as an example of real business case attracted interest of the conference participants and mass-media. New joint projects within the framework of ACEX Alliance are ready for implementation.

You can download the presentation “Transportation of musical instruments for The Royal Dutch Symphony Orchestra during its world tour” HERE.

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