Import Substitution – an Escape or a Trap?


On October 1-3 the XVIII International forum “Russian Industrialist” and the VII “Saint Petersburg International Innovation forum” took place in Saint-Petersburg. Public authorities, businessmen, young entrepreneurs, inventors, as well as those who are interested in modern technologies and innovations participated in these events.

СПб-Круглый стол.jpgMiroslav Zolotarev, the Head of ACEX Group, took part in several round-table discussions within the scope of the forum: “Import substitution: hidden reserves,” and “Industrial parks – industrial infrastructure development system.”

The mentioned events were organized jointly with the Russian engineering union and Innovation group of companies “Soyuz Invest.”

The modern stage of domestic economy development is characterized by the stable growth of production volume, investment process activation, economy globalization what promotes increase of demand for volume and quality of all kinds of transport services.

Can domestic products and capacity be competitive? Do Russian entrepreneurs have a sufficient number of production and professional staff resources? Are present-day companies ready for total import substitution under the economic sanctions condition? The participants of a business forum program tried to find answers to these questions and connections between industry, innovations and transport as well as exchange practical solutions.

СПБ.jpgThe Head of ACEX Alliance made a report on the complex approach to the logistics for domestic companies: “United transport capacity, infrastructure resources and professional personnel of several tens of logistics companies from main Russian regions will help to deliver cargo from point A to point B in time, reduce production price, widen coverage area, and provoke competition to transnational companies,” offered Miroslav Zolotarev.

A comparative analysis of outsourced logistics services development in the territory of Russia and European logistics operators was made at the conference. The presentation contained concrete positive examples of expenses' optimization for manufacturing companies having transferred their logistics flows to outsource using the large logistics companies in their regions. All examples were based on real business-cases and practical solutions executed within the framework of the international logistics alliance.

The following members were among business forum participants: Kirill Soloveitchik, Saint-Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vice-President; Yuri Boldyrev, member of MEF organizing committee; Valery Polovinkin, Chairman of Expert committee on the Higher Attestation Commission for navy and shipbuilding problems; Pavel Plavnik, Chairman of “Zvezda”; Alexander Korotkov, Deputy CEO, “Avangard”; Kirill Maslennikov, Deputy Chairman of Saint Petersburg regional office “SoyuzMash”, Stanislav Nevzorov, Chairman of “Soyuz-invest’ (Innovative group of companies); Mikhail Erofeev, General Director of MMK Ust-Luga and other leaders of the biggest manufacturing, transport, legal and trade companies.

Read more about the business program, discussed topics and participants’ presentations of Saint-Petersburg forum on the organizer portal.  

Next meeting of many participants taken part in business forum program will take place in Moscow on October 22-23 during a round-table discussion “Complex solutions in the system of Eurasian transport corridors” within the framework of the 21st International exhibition “STL-2014”. 

Alexey Lipatov, the head of multimodal department, ACEX Group, will participate in this event and discuss actual problems with the experts of logistics industry.

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