ACEX Group Became a Member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia


tpprf.jpgAs it is known the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation represents interests of small, medium-sized and big business; it acts in all business sectors such as industry, domestic and foreign commerce, agriculture, financial system, services.

ВIn August 2014 the Head of ACEX Group Miroslav Zolotarev was invited to the Logistics committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry where he plans to promote the concept of the logistics alliance the purpose of which is to unite together freight forwarders, first of all from the airfreight sector, for cooperation at the market with the aim to optimize transport expenses of the Russian companies.

The first meeting of the Logistics committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry took place at the end of September. Over 50 members representing interests of the biggest logistics operators, associations and guilds of freight forwarders took part in this meeting where the matters of functioning and role of alliances and associations in the logistics industry in the modern market conditions had been discussed.

Cooperation between the Alliance and the Logistics committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the RF started in the beginning of this year at the XVII Moscow International Logistics forum (MMLF-2014) where the Head of ACEX presented the idea of a new alliance creation at the “Logistics and supply chain management” Conference, as well as conducted a meeting on the results with Oleg Dunaev, the Chairman of the Logistics committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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Later on the joint communications continued at the other well-known logistics platforms established for professional communication such as the II Eurasian conference – “Logistics in Russia: cooperation and development technology” and TransRussia-2014 where ACEX Group took part together with other leaders of transport companies in the round-table discussions under participation and support of the Chamber of commerce and Industry.


On September 13, 2014 Oleg Dunaev participated in the International logistics conference of ACEX Alliance. The Logistics committee chairman made a presentation for foreign and Russian participants where he highlighted aspects of formation and control of international goods supply chains, cooperation with branch and inter-industry international associations and councils. Also the following problems had been raised: barriers for logistics development between Russia and Eurasian space connected with undeveloped transport infrastructure, problems with customs clearance and lack of well-qualified personnel in the logistics and forwarding companies. The analytics data and industry tendency attracted great interest and a plenty of questions of the participants.

Олег Дунаев.JPGAt the present moment the main goal of ACEX Group is to continue cooperation with the Logistics committee in the capacity of its member and creation of efficient platform for other Alliance members powered by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for cooperation and joining together business and state authorities.

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