ACEX Group Organized the 1st Worldwide Logistics Conferense


On September 13-14, the first International ACEX Alliance Conference took place in Sheraton Palace Tverskaya in Moscow. ACEX Group invited in Russian capital leaders of companies from 25 different countries, among them there were USA, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, China, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, etc.


Company executives and top-managers arrived in Moscow for joint business development with the Russian freight forwarders. Among attendees were the following companies ARAMEX (ОАЭ), Weida (Китай), Shipco (Китай, страны Балтии), Cargo Partner (Восточная Европа, США), Quick Cargo Service (Германия), Sparber Group (Испания), Hankyu Hanshin (Япония), Oceanair (USA), as well as а few score of other leaders of international logistics companies


Among Russian conference participants were specialists from million- cities which are the consolidation centers and transit hubs of the Russian Federation: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny-Novgorod, Kazan, Irkutsk, etc. Moscow city in Conference was represented by CARGO-EXPRESS company, member of ACEX Group.

The foreign participants were interested in the meetings with the representatives from the CIS countries – Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, as the logistics of these regions is closely connected with the Russian economy.

The main goal of the conference was to create a joint platform for communication and business development between transport companies from Europe, America, Asia and the largest Russian regional representatives.

Oleg Dunaev.JPG Among the participants was the representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry who also supported the conference. The Chairman of the logistics committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Oleg Dunaev focused on the importance of integration processes for supply chain formation in order to minimize goods user value and create respected service quality based on the companies’ cooperation. Also during the conference the questions of barriers for logistics development between Russia and Eurasian countries were discussed. The main problems were connected with undeveloped transport infrastructure, difficulties with customs clearance and lack of well-qualified personnel in the logistics companies.

The leaders of Global GSA Group also made a presentation for foreign and Russian Alliance partners. Global GSA Group consolidates freight traffics of 60 worldwide airline companies, 20 of which operate in Russia. The law specialist for international affairs highlighted the specificity of legal regulations in the logistics industry.

Alexandra Chagina, Cargo-Express (Moscow, Russia) says: "The interest to this event was stirred up by the composition of speakers such as Oleg Dunaev (Head of Logistics Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation), Lev Bondarev (General Director of FF Cargo Service), what is in itself a quality mark of this event"".

ACEX Conference.JPG ACEX-Conference.JPG ACEX_Conference.JPG

Most part of the two days conference was dedicated to the face-to-face meetings meaning that the representative of each foreign company had possibility to conduct intense negotiations with every Russian partner.

According to the participants’ feedback from Russia and the CIS countries, they have attended such format of meeting for the first time. Its unique character consists in the opportunity to meet directly, without intermediaries and long correspondence with the top-managers from all over the world who make up business decisions on their own.

Maria Moskvicheva, the Head of "Buro Perevozok" (Rostov-on-Don) agrees: “Such negotiations are extremely important tools in our work. Potential partners who are ready to set up business relations come altogether into one place at one time. Another most important aspect is a direct personal contact because it will help understand any person better than a website, or an advertising, or a company presentation (which add on the necessary features but don’t substitute for the main one – ability to see, to talk to, and to feel a human being)”.

Vladimir Boyarchuk, CARGO-EXPRESS (Irkutsk) says: “I am sure that the compressed spring in the international logistics industry will shoot after this meeting. Moreover, human potential of the alliance participants is huge and no peripetia in the current difficult political situation will affect mutually beneficial and efficient work. All meetings, without exception, were useful and yielded good results. The conference was conducted at top-level. I will remember it for long time, hope as the other participants”.

As for the interest to the ACEX conference from the part of the foreign companies, the priority reason for their arrival in Moscow is intention to lift the dark veil from the Russian regional business. For majority of European countries, America and Asia the logistics processes, customs clearance in Russia and the CIS countries are still unpredictable and unstable.

According to the most foreign participants’ opinion, they had a great opportunity to learn “at first hand” the information of the Russian traffic flows, main airports, seaports and railways, specificity of document circulation and customs clearance.

ACEX-Conference.JPG ACEX_Conference.JPG ACEX-Конференция.JPG

 "It was mentioned during the meeting by someone that Russia is a blank spot. Indeed, after this meeting things are clearer now about Russia and region. This will encourage us to really look for potential business opportunities", - says Sherif El-Diwani of MESCO (Egypt).

General Manager of Quick Cargo Service Stephan Haltmayer: «By meeting face to face with the partners I feel much more confident to working together and giving credit to people I did not know in the past. ‎Trust is the basics in our business. This is very important to start doing business».

Safwan Tannir, Chief Freight Officer of Aramex (UAE): «The ACEX conference, held in Moscow, was a brilliant idea to start with. Almost all the one-to-one meetings I have had, have the potential to turn into mutual business. Simple idea, brilliant execution, top-notch organization and a very successful outcome indeed! We came in as strangers, left as friends. With plenty of contacts, name cards and promising opportunities in hand».

ACEX-конференция.JPG ACEX-конференция.JPG

The next 2nd ACEX Conference will take place in cultural capital of Russia Saint-Petersburg.

Latest News about the Conference and photos report see on the conference page of ACEX Alliance: /

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