All Roads Lead to the Crimea


Due to the recent geographic and economic events commercial port in Odessa is closed for transition to the Crimea – which is now part of Russia.  

All the ocean freight shipments with final destination in the Crimea area are redirected to Novorossiysk port where they are handled by ACEX experts


Ekaterina Litvinenko, the Head of representative office in Novorossiysk arranged the shipment of the first 40 feet container with metal works from Jawaharlal Nehru Port, the largest Indian seaport, which is 24th cargo turnover port among top 100 world largest container ports, to Novorossiysk via MSC lines. «Then the freight was released from bond, mechanically repacked and sent to old-new Russian possession – glorious Crimea peninsula, - says Ekaterina Litvinenko.– From the viewpoint of cargo traffic organization the Crimea accession to Russia is beneficial for our port. ». 

A twenty feet container with kitchenware and a forty feet container were sent via Novorossiysk to Crimea from Qingdao port, China (QINGDAO, CHINA). The city is situated on the Shandong peninsula and is the most important port, military base and industrial center. In Novorossiysk port the freight from containers was also repacked and sent by truck to «Caucasus» port, and then to the peninsula by ferry-boat.

Thus we can state that because of new delivery ways, volumes inflow to the Novorossiysk port has significantly increased in recent months.

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