Life Responsibility Load Laid down on the Shoulders of ACEX


Rostov-on-Don Zoo now has unique lion-tailed macaques wanderoo listed in the Red Book as endangered species.


An agreement on the exchange of rare species of animals was signed as a part of the Global Program of cooperation between zoos. Rare lion-tailed macaques wanderoo listed in the Red Book (the total number of these monkeys in the world is estimated at 2, 5 thousand individuals) were shipped from Israel Kiryat Motzkin Zoo according to the agreement. 

Rostov-on-Don Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Russia; its collection contains more than 5000 animals belonging to over 400 animal species. Rostov Zoo works in close contact with leading research and public organizations of the world, concerned with the conservation of rare and endangered animal species.

«We have been cooperating with the zoo of Rostov-on-Don for about 6 years. It is one of our favorite and reverential clients. There is special, reverent attitude to these cargoes, and they can’t be even named "cargoes", they are rather passengers, - head of ACEX office in Rostov-on-Don Maria Moskvicheva lovingly smiles, - for such a long time we shipped hippos, wolves, gazelles, and many other different rare animals». 

Transportation was from the airport of Tel Aviv through the Moscow airport "Sheremetyevo", at the customs post of which customs clearance department employees tried as they could to accelerate the release of cargo and to arranged bonded transit.

Senior zoologist from Rostov Zoo Nikolai Usik was waiting for the monkeys at the airport with a bunch of bananas.After a stressful trip monkeys should have definitely been pampered. Afterwards he accompanied his wards to the city of Azov to the customs office authorized to arrange customs clearance of animals. After all the formalities monkeys were delivered to the zoo. 

«Transportation turned out to be difficult because of the specificity of work with animals, - manager of the ACEX airfreight department Evgeniya Solomko says,In addition to international standards and requirements for the transportation of animals which must be followed, each airline sets its own additional rules (weight, packaging, transportation place, storage, etc.) to such cargoes, and many airlines do not carry animals at all». 

«While working with such orders we have to delve deeply into the veterinary permissions and documentation on escorting of animals, - ACEX Rostov freight manager Victor Molchanov has responsible approach to his business, - We often carry animals and we know that, for example the the regional airline "Don-Avia" does not carry animals at all, and airlines who carry animals - not always have direct flights to Rostov-on-Don. And clearance of transit in Europe may take a few days, what is not possible with the transportation of animals, because they require timely care and it is a matter of life and death». 

Fortunately Israeli monkeys got accustomed to the Rostov Zoo and feel fine according to reviews of zoologists.

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