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  • 28-years experience in logistics
  • Specialists in 200 countries all over the world

Foreign Trade Contracting

  1. Expertise of foreign trade contract (checking, proof reading)
  2. Transaction insurance (terms, market supply, limitations/risk)
  3. Payment procedure (bank guarantee etc.)

Providing a service/ delivery of goods

  1. Approval documents at export from the Russian Federation
    • Analyses due to the group of goods (due to each if there are some)
    • Analyses due to the office of departure (that is customs clearance, each has own specificity)
    • Analyses due to the countries, where a departure is planned (due to each, as every country has own import conditions)
  1. Delivery terms. INKOTERMS: each term is analyzed separately.
  2. Calculation and estimation of the best delivery route according to the product type and transport conditions (analyses due to each pair of items: each product and vehicle type).
  3. Individual demands as for transport conditions (analyses due to the characteristics, which are provided by a client, revise with the market and vehicle type, generally acceptable transport conditions).
  4. Storage, packaging, marking (are analyzed individually, for each cargo exists individual consultation).
  5. Carriage of consolidated cargoes (due to each pair of items, to each cargo and vehicle type).
  6. Load standards of the freight transport (individually to each pair of items and countries)
  7. Cargo safety, this is an issue as for packaging and its demands.
  8. Regional market trends
  9. Seasonal price statistics and diagrams ( due to each transport type)
  10. Working conditions (pricing) with contractors; how price differs according to the long-term and short-term contracts.

Customs clearance

Choice of the custom procedures (export, temporary export, re-export etc.) 3 directions: (1) country/type, (2) cargo code, (3) trade strategies

  • Custom valuation: there is a formula for this, it is provided after analyses of each trade item
  •  Custom costs calculation: analyses due to each trade item and export region
  • Identifications of the codes for the  Trade Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activities: analyses due to each trade item
  • Formation of responses to the custom authorities demands, in the case if a client previously used the custom clearance service
  • Comprehensive advice at all steps of a goods passage across the border (is calculated on a man-hour)
  • Working with the personal account of a participant  of Foreign Economic Activities

Payment under the contract

  1. VAT refunds
  2. Confirmation of a zero per cent rate of VAT
  3. Repatriation of funds

Logistics consulting from ACEX

Logistics consulting from ACEX