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Nowadays, the coronavirus has already captured 43 119 people.

The coronavirus epidemic does not leave anyone indifferent. Russia is also providing humanitarian assistance, primarily sending protective masks to China.

Every day, ACEX partners from China ask for the fastest solution for sending medical masks to China.

ACEX experts cannot be indifferent and take care of customs declaration. 250 seats with the weight of 8 tons and 88 kg were successfully transported to China as humanitarian cargo. 

You can also send humanitarian cargo to China without paying customs duties and taxes.

According to the legislation of the Customs Union, such goods (humanitarian aid) are placed under a special customs procedure. This is allowed if the following conditions are met:

  1. submission of written confirmation from the Ministry of Emergency Situations or the Ministry of Health of Russia that the shipment is a humanitarian cargo;
  2. getting an official letter from the Ministry of China stating that the cargo is a humanitarian product;
  3. the sender of the goods is a legal exporter with customs clearance and digital signature.