What goods are transported by air?


What goods are transported by air?

The manufacturer, exporter, company’s employee - participant of foreign trade is not always clear from which side to approach the issue of organization of cargo transportation and how to start sending goods abroad if it is necessary.

Representatives of such companies usually call their forwarders, contractors and consult at the planning stage. The first Russian International Logistics ACEX Alliance has identified several types of cargo that require air transportation:

  • expensive, valuable goods: due to the high need for strict control over the transportation process or goods protection, when the owners need to know goods location every minute and the exact delivery schedule. Such goods can be objects of art, jewelry, historical values, banknotes and so on.;
  • goods that have mandatory short delivery times (time critical) under the delivery terms, when you need to deliver even inexpensive goods, but very quickly. They can be spare parts/ components / machines for idle production, equipment. Also, time critical can be when the penalties for late goods delivery are higher than the cost of air transportation (medical or high-tech equipment);
  • delivery of perishable goods, food, flowers (fresh);
  • live animals: antelopes, tigers, seals, etc.;
  • loads with "geographical" features of the transport. In some places air transportation is the only shipping method;
  • low-bulk loads.

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