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Customs clearance not at the warehouse for temporary storage but at its own customs post seems to be the logistician’s dream. But it is reality. According to this procedure, goods can be transported across the state from one temporary storage warehouse to another without paying import taxes and duties, but with certain restrictions.

Such cases are regulated by the Customs Code, acts of the Customs Union, the agreement between the Governments of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan and other documents. There are some conditions:

  • Goods should not be prohibited from being imported into the territory of the Customs Union;
  • There are documents and transit declaration necessary for cargo transportation;
  • Products can be identified;
  • They passed the border (or other if necessary) control at the place of arrival;
  • Cargo is transported on the appropriate transport - under customs seals and stamps.

Таможенный транзитThe transit date and place are recorded in the information system and the transit declaration, and the record of transit appears in the waybill. Someone is simply forced to use a similar procedure, Mikhail Gavrilin, the Senior Expert of Airfreight Department, ACEX Moscow says. The company has been providing this service for many years:

Таможенный транзитInternal Customs Transit is a fairly common practice. For example, the execution of excisable goods: bijouterie, jewelry, and so on – is engaged by certain posts. If the cargo arrives at the airport, it will go to a specialized post. Or, alternatively, it is more convenient for the client to work at his customs post if he does not except the clearance at the airport of arrival.

The transit period is set by the customs authority on the basis of the standards of the daily trucking operation according to the type of vehicle, route and conditions of carriage. This period is quite sufficient to cover the distance to the warehouse for temporary storage without violating traffic rules and the driver’s mode of operation. More often, the calculation of the delivery time is based on a run of 450 kilometers per day.

There are serious penalties for the failure to deliver the goods within the delivery period: significant administrative fines. The delivery to the unstated customs zone or a deviation from the designated route is also the violation. The route establishment is one of the measures for compliance with customs transit. In addition, there is also a customs escort - when a customs officer escorts the goods to the destination - either sitting in a vehicle, or following it in another car. This service is not cheap.

Таможенный транзитТаможенный транзит

Meanwhile, experts point out: time limits are the beneficial to cargo owners. The longer it is transported, the greater risk of theft and other incidents. By the way, all accidents on the road should be reported to the customs authorities - in the case of an accident and subsequent reloading, for example, the nearest customs authority will make the act and transmit information to departure and destination places. If the case is in objective difficulties, they will not be punished for violating the deadlines - they will simply correct them, Mikhail Gavrilin, the Senior Expert of Airfreight Department, ACEX Moscow explains:

Anything can happen on the road: for example, an accident, a breakdown, the blocking of roads — it may be because of a forest fire, a car simply cannot arrive on time.

Customs clearance is not available, only special ones. Customs        takes to interim measures to guarantee receipt of duties and taxes to the budget. However, if a customs carrier applies - assurance is not required. This is not the only reason to use the services of a customs carrier.

Some customers complain: the services of a customs carrier are much more expensive than the services of transport companies. No one argues with this, Mikhail Gavrilin, the Senior Expert of Airfreight Department, ACEX Moscow says, prices are not taken by chance. At the same time, the advantages of cooperation obviously outweigh the costs:

In addition to fuel, taxes, fare on the system “Platon”, the driver’s salary, the cost of the license of the customs carrier is included in the cost of transportation. Theoretically, you can carry a transit cargo, for example, under a guarantee certificate. But there are plenty of additional conditions, and customs can find a reason to find fault. So, one client was given detailed instructions on how to prepare the car, and he arrived in a car that cannot be sealed. As a result, he went to the nearest service to weld the “ears” for the seal. He wanted to save – he lost time and money. The cars of the customs carrier, however, have already had an approval for the carriage of goods under the internal customs transit procedure and in accordance with the requirements for them.

That is, the higher cost - less problems and lost time. But time, as you know, is money.

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