ACEX Group together with POLA helps Russian women to be more beautiful


Freight forwarding company CARGO-EXPRESS, which is the part of ACEX Group, continues long-term and successful cooperation with the Japanese perfume company POLA for delivery of luxury cosmetic brand, what is so popular among women in most countries of the world. The company regularly carries out luxury cosmetics POLA from Japan to Russia by air.

The regular delivery of cosmetics weighing about 3.5 tons was executed from Japanese manufacturing plant POLA to Moscow in June. Irina Mishina, the specialist of airfreight department, tells about distinguishing features of this delivery: “The transportation was executed under special conditions of insurance without a franchise, maintenance of an expensive party of elite cosmetics carried out at all stages up to the storage warehouse in Moscow. As well the delivery of cosmetics POLA required the presence of certificates and permits for the transportation of perfume and cosmetics. Of course, this type of cargo required special attention, that is why in order to further the safety of cosmetics, transportation was carried out on wooden pallets. We are particularly pleased that the partners in this transportation were our regular Japanese agents HANKYU HANSHIN EXPRESS.”

About POLA cosmetics:

The manufacturing plant POLA is located in Japan in Fukuroi Shizuoka Prefecture.
The skincare products POLA created on the basis of the rarest plant components assembled POLA laboratory scientists around the world. Throughout its 80-year history, the company has been studying the aging process of the skin, is looking for new methods of rejuvenation, monitors the performance of the already established cosmetics, analyzing more than 10 million data about the state of the client's skin. All products for POLA are produced in Japan exclusively. Scientists and dermatologists of POLA regularly win awards at international conferences for scientific discoveries in the research of the processes occurring in the skin.