ACEX Group brought Charlie Chaplin to Paris


The objects of art representing the legendary character are priceless for the world art history therefore huge responsibility lay on the company specialists.

Production stills made in 1914 were later presented in Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow from November 20 to February 14. It is a first-ever exhibition of such a kind managed by the Swiss museum D'Elisé. 200 photos about long and interesting life of the legendary actor who loved women had eight children played a comic role even when acted for the family chronicle.

Photos were transported from Moscow to Paris on ATA Carnet after the exhibition. The shipment consisted of 12 photos of different size the biggest of which represented an art installation of 190 cm high. Each photo was packed into a separate metal box for the purpose safety. Some photos were fixed with the ropes inside.

ACEX Group perfectly coped with a responsible task. The objects of art were delivered in safety into the airport Charles de Gaulle in Paris for the following exposition.

Чарли Чаплин. Скетинг-ринг (1916). © Bubbles Inc., предоставлено NBC Photographie, Париж

Чарли Чаплин и Бастер Китон. Огни рампы (1952). © Roy Export Company Establishment, предоставлено NBC Photographie, Париж

Чарли Чаплин. «Новые времена» (1936). © Roy Export Company Establishment

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