6000 tons of pipe equipment have been delivered to natural gas field "Aksaraiskiy"


The uniqueness of this contract lies in not only vast geography of the project, but also in volume and weight characteristics of the cargo. 6000 tons of pipe products from TENARIS GLOBAL SERVICES – the largest supplier of equipment for oil and gas industry –– had to be delivered to Russia from the plants located on different continents:

2100 tons – from Argentina, 900 tons – from Romania, 3,000 tons – from Italy

From the Russian side carrying-out of this project was ensured by the orderly team-work of the specialists of Cargo Express company, who have wide experience in the logistics services of the kind. Thanks to accurate reckonings and thorough advance preparations the team have managed to develop an optimal scheme of delivery for the industry leader, using different modes of transport:

Argentina: 44 containers, with total weight of the cargo more than 2000 tons, were shipped from the port of Buenos Aires by sea to the port of Tallinn, Estonia, and then were reloaded to the railway platforms to be transported to Moscow. There, once passed a customs clearance, the pipe equipment was loaded on heavy motor vehicles and delivered to the recipient. The company's specialists have made calculations and suggested to the client the right solution for the large-scale delivery of goods which could not be carried by the standard truck.

Romania: In order to reduce the time of transportation, the cargo from Romania was delivered in two pieces. 80 tons were delivered by road, 820 tons – by rail transport to the station of the recipient. All in all 15 flat wagons with total load of 55 tons each were used.

Italy: Expensive pipe equipment, weight 3,000 tons, was delivered from Italy in a few parts as well. To reduce costs and transit time, ACEX specialists suggested a multimodal delivery: Road+Rail transport. The cargo was delivered to the recipient’s station by 12 trucks and 48 rail wagons.

ACEX’s broad experience in providing logistics services for oil, gas and energy companies, as well as an expert knowledge in international multimodal transportation allowed to carry out this complicated project delivery successfully and on time.



Previously implemented projects of ACEX:

  • transportation of expensive production lines and plants, as well as oversized cargoes by unit trucks;
  • delivery of high-value equipment for oil and gas industry/ aerospace engineering/ medical/ automotive industry sectors;
  • shipments to hard-to-reach oil and natural gas fields;
  • transportation requiring prompt provision of big number of vehicles and strict adherence to delivery schedule;
  • Delivery of dangerous, perishable, toxic, requiring sanitary and veterinary controls goods and other complicated items.

ACEX Group confirms its ability to provide a wide range of logistics services in sector-specific projects, and its full responsibility as a single logistics operator.

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