ACEX can offer you both sea freight and a complete range of “door-to-door” delivery services including insurance coverage and Customs clearance.

We have an unique network of reliable partners in the Far East, Southeast Asia, USA and other regions of the world.

Our clients apply to our company to deliver different kind of cargoes:
  • general cargo
  • oversized cargo
  • dangerous goods
  • goods with temperature conditions limits
ACEX experts have well-established cooperation with container carriers and sea lines for main directions.

We have direct agreements with key sea lines:
  • Maersk
  • SafMarine
  • APL
  • China Shipping
  • Evergreen
  • ANL
  • MSC

For any inquiry please kindly contact our sea freight experts:


Our company offers full-cycle services of direct deliveries by sea and “door-to-door” deliveries:
  • From sea ports of St.-Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Odessa, Baku to any port all over the world
  • From any point of the world to the sea ports of St.-Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Odessa, Baku, Poti.

Range of services connected with transit cargo deliveries:

The main transit countries and ports are the following:
  • in Russia – sea ports of St.-Petersburg, Novorossiysk;
  • in Lithuania – sea port of Klaypeda;  
  • in Ukraine – sea ports of Odessa, Mariupol;
  • in Estonia – sea port of Tallinn;
  • in Finland – sea ports of Kotka and Helsinki;
  • in Latvia – sea port of Riga.
Our broad experience enables us to offer our clients some logistics solutions with the most favorable balance between the freight costs and the transit time.

We offer the best prices for cargo deliveries to the ports of Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine and Finland with further delivery to the regions of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Middle Asia.

Complete support of the client’s export and import operations:

  • international freight forwarding service from the point of loading to the point of destination;
  • acting as importer;
  • pick up of a cargo at a manufacturing works warehouse;
  • customs clearance of the cargo on the territory of manufacturer (export);
  • cargo delivery to a Customs office in any point of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus;
  • customs clearance of the cargo in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus (export, import)
  • delivery of a cargo from the Customs terminal to the client’s warehouse, further local delivery in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus;
  • international trade documents support and consulting;
  • finding solutions to the related aspects of financial and contractual nature;
  • customs taxes and duties calculation;
  • turn-key project solutions;
  • cargo insurance coverage.


Consolidation of several cargoes and their delivery as one shipment enables to reduce significantly transport costs.

ACEX network of cargo terminals located in biggest ports of the world allows efficient cargo consolidation for LCL deliveries.

We offer our clients optimal solutions and complete operational service for LCL deliveries. Our main directions are the following:
  • to Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine via Riga, Klaipeda, Tallinn and Helsinki;
  • to Ukraine, Russia and Moldova via Odessa;
  • to Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine via sea ports of China, Southeast Asia, USA and Canada;
We can arrange regular trucks delivery (2 times a week) to our own consolidation warehouse from any point of the Europe.

Cargo consolidation

  • cargo consolidation in all biggest sea ports of the world;
  • weekly consolidation in the warehouses located in Kaunas and Helsinki;
  • weekly  delivery to Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod;
  • weekly delivery to Almaty, Kiev;
  • appropriate solutions of intermediate warehousing during the delivery, break bulk operations and delivery of the separate parts of the shipment to any points of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Complete range of warehousing services:

  • warehouse facilities located in Helsinki, Kaunas, St.-Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Odessa;
  • warehousing, repacking, sorting, marking services;
  • ACEX experts provide the clients regular cargo tracing, complete insurance coverage and information about cargo status during its delivery;
  • we will issue all the required paperwork for insurance coverage, offer individual insurance solutions adjusted to your business pattern.
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