In Russia and the CIS countries railway transport is a means of transport which shows the highest cargo turnover.

It is the cheapest, the most reliable and the safest means of transport which does not depend on the meteorological conditions.

Russian railways represent a well-developed transport network of more than 86 thousands kilometers’ length, among which 40 thousand kilometers are electrified.

Railway transport may be applied for delivering cargoes for long distances as well as to the regions whith lack of developed road network – North, Far East, Siberia.

ACEX arranges all kinds of rail freight within Russia, the CIS, Europe as well as from China to Europe and CIS via Russia.

Our experts can offer you a complete range of logistics services connecting with delivery of different kinds of cargoes:

  • general cargo
  • dangerous goods
  • oversized cargo
  • goods under phytosanitary and veterinary control
  • goods with temperature conditions limits

For any inquiry please kindly contact our rail and multimodal freight experts:


Relying on the agency network spread in Russia, CIS countries, Europe and China, we can arrange rail freight from any big city of the CIS countries as well as receive the cargo at the destination station and carry out its delivery to the consignee’s door.

Kinds of rail freight:

  • from China to Russia and Kazakhstan by direct containers owned by the Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation or by Shipper Own Containers;
  • mail-baggage deliveries of small shipments, deliveries in full and ferry cars, in all types of containers as well as in special rolling stock;
  • oversized and heavy cargoes;
  • any services attendant to the freight: packing, marking, insurance coverage, cargo fastening in the container and over the open truck;
  • multimodal freight

Multimodal transport

We can offer you complete range of services connected with the “door-to-door” delivery of your container by sea, road and railway transport.
  • from China, Southeast Asia and USA to Russia and Kazakhstan via sea ports of Riga, Tallinn and Klaipeda by a sea line container;
  • transshipment to rail cars, return of empty containers to the port of arrival or to the line depot at the point of destination;
  • transshipment to the containers owned by the Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation or to the rail cars;
  • from all the ports of China to St.-Petersburg and Moscow via Kazakhstan (Dostyk Customs office) by road and railway transport;
  • from all the sea ports of China to the sea port of Vladivostok in sea containers, then to St.-Petersburg and Moscow by road and railway transport;
  • from all the ports of China to the city of Zabaykalsk by road and railway transport, then to St.-Petersburg and Moscow  by railway transport.

Combined transport solutions:

  • road + railway transport
  • sea + railway transport
  • sea + road + railway transport

Complete range of warehousing services

We can offer our client storage, repacking, sorting and marking services at our warehouse facilities located in Europe and the CIS.

We guarantee your transit shipment will be handled professionally and quickly.

Complete range of services connected with export and import operations' support:

  • pick up of a cargo at a manufacturer’s warehouse;
  • Customs formalities in a manufacturer’s country (export);
  • delivery to a Customs office to any point in Russia;
  • Customs formalities in Russia (export, import, transit);
  • delivery of a cargo from Customs office to the consignee’s warehouse, further local delivery in Russia;
  • international trade documentary support for your business;
  • finding solutions to the related aspects of financial and contractual nature;
  • Customs taxes and duties calculation;
  • delivery pattern optimization; choosing the most suitable cargo handling port depending on the kind of commodity, shipment volume and the points of departure and destination.

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