ACEX offers its clients truck delivery services from any place in Europe for the following kinds of commodity :
  • General cargo
  • Perishable cargo
  • Dangerous goods
  • Goods under phytosanitary and veterinary control

We have a wide spread agency network in all the countries of the world which enables us to establish and follow stable cargo movement schedules.

We can offer our clients:

  • the most suitable delivery solutions with the best correlation between velocity and costs;
  • complete range of the services attendant to the delivery and “door-to-door” cargo handling;
  • minimized transit time of the delivery of a cargo of any volume from any country;
  • risk minimization;
  • constant monitoring and tracing of a cargo;
  • insurance coverage, issue of the required paperwork

We have a well-established schedule of regular trucks from any place in Europe to consolidation warehouses.

We are focusing on deliveries from Europe to Russia. Transportation is arranged from Europe via direct routs and through transit countries..

As transit countries Estonia, Germany and Finland are used. At transit warehouses located in these countries cargo the following services are available: consolidation, transshipment, export (for the EU origin cargoes) and transit (for non-EU origin cargoes) documents issue.

Cargo consolidation

  • Weekly consolidation at the warehouses located in Kaunas, Helsinki and Warsaw;
  • Weekly delivery to Moscow, Kiev, Kishinev and Minsk;
  • Weekly delivery to the Middle Asia

ACEX offers great opportunities and services for direct and transit trucks.

We can offer convenient solutions for intermediate cargo warehousing along the whole transportation route.

Warehouse facilities located in Helsinki, Vilnius, Tallinn, Mardeburg enable us:
  • To arrange fast delivery and secured warehousing of your cargoes
  • Break bulk operations and delivery of parts of the shipments to any points of destination
  • Complete set of packing, repacking, sorting and marking services
  • Professional and quick arrangement of transit formalities

For any inquiry please kindly contact our road freight experts: