International Trade Consulting


Developing and preparing customized solutions for clients

Representing customers in negotiations with all parties in terms of international trade: suppliers, buyers, logistics companies, customs brokers, warehouses, etc. 


International trade operations:  

  • Specifics and types of international trade deals (leasing, barter, carriage, supply, etc.)  
  • Specifics of concluding different types of international trade deals  
  • Basic conditions of international trade contracts  
  • Obligations of the parties in international trade contracts  
  • International trade accounting: incasso, letter of credit, etc.  
  • Monetary and currency regulations and control  
  • Factors influencing price of a good in a contract, analyzing world price tendencies  
  • Special economic zones and entrepreneurship in these zones  
  • Patents, service marks, trade marks (registered trade rights and registration, inclusive international registration)  

Supportive services:

  • Assistance in choosing and evaluating foreign partner  
  • Preparing or checking an international trade contract, inclusive L/C deals  
  • Participation in negotiations with foreign partners as the customer's consultant  

International transport operations:

  • International transportation system  
  • Transport logistics in international trade  
  • Transport operations in international trade  
  • Conditions of international transportation  
  • Regulations and organization basics of international transport  
  • Intermediary services in international transportation  
  • Transport documentation  
  • International transportation insurance

Supportive services:

  • Developing of transportation scheme by all modes of transport  
  • Assistance in choosing freight –forwarding company  
  • Analysis of freight-forwarding or transportation agreement and recommendations  
  • Participation in negotiations with transport and logistic companies as customer’s consultant   

Customs clearance and brokerage:

  • Documentation regulating rules and procedure of customs clearance of transport means and goods, payment of duties, taxes, special customs procedures and regimes 
  • Identifying customs tariff number, way of calculating customs dues with regards to specific goods and countries of origin 
  • Non-tariff regulations like certification, licensing, and other permissive documentation 
  • Providing recommendations for opening, closing, suspending a specific customs regime and optimal options of customs clearance 
  • Legal evaluation and juridical analysis of every participant of the customs clearance process 
  • Customs legal relations and conflicts and respective solutions 

Supportive services:

  • Preparing documentation for customs clearance 
  • Receiving permissive documentation (certificates of compliance, sanitary certificates, other paperwork) 
  • Choosing customs clearance place, customs broker, and warehouse with respect to the trade deal and goods specifics 
  • Negotiations with customs brokers and/or warehouse operators as customer's consultant 

Taxation of international trade activities:

  • Indirect taxes under export and import of the goods 
  • Value added tax under import (VAT) 
  • Value added tax under export (VAT) 
  • Excise taxes under exports and imports 

Supportive services:

  • Customs duties, taxes, fees, excise taxes, etc. 
  • Recommendations to VAT return 

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