ACEX network's annual air freight turnover is more than  15 000 tons by air per year.

We have direct contracts and agreements with key world carriers who provide us with additional safety guarantees for your cargoes and suitable delivery patterns from any airport of the world to any point of destination at a reasonable price.

Thanks to the unique network of reliable partners and wholly-owned representative offices we can render service of highest quality. We offer each client several alternatives basing on their requirements and help them to choose the most suitable for each case.

ACEX air department experts are professionals who are working on the air cargo transport market for several years, they will help you to arrange a delivery of a cargo by regular or charter flight to any point of the world. 

International air freight deliveries to Russian and CIS airports

Kind of shipments   Region of departure   Transit time
Urgent shipments   Southeast Asia   2-3 days
Oversized cargoes   North America   2-3 days
Charter shipments   South America   2-3 days
Goods with temperature conditions limits   Europe   1-2 days
Dangerous goods

We've developed reliable air freight routes in all countries of the world:

  • From Russia to all countries and continents
  • From Kazakhstan to all countries and continents
  • From Ukraine to all countries of the world
  • From Baltic states to all countries of the world
  • From all countries to Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Irkutsk, Almaty, Astana, Kiev, Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, Helsinki, Minsk, Baku by direct flights.

International air freight deliveries to ground terminals

Transit formalities from any country:

  • to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan via Vilnius, Helsinki, Frankfurt;
  • to Middle Asia and inner airports of Kazakhstan via Almaty;
  • to all regions of Russia via Moscow;
  • to the northwest region of Russia via St.-Petersburg;
  • to the East Siberia and Far East via Irkutsk;
  • to all regions of Ukraine via Kiev;
  • to the countries of the Caspian region

Flexible pattern of multimodal transportation

Cargo consolidation:
  • at an airport of departure
  • at an airport, agreed upon between the countries, where cargoes of several clients are consolidated in one shipment or break-bulk operations are arranged and the split parts may be delivered to the required parts of the world
  • storage, repacking, sorting, marking
  • consolidation of cargoes from Russia and the CIS
  • delivery from the airports of Europe to the ground terminals located in Moscow within 2-7 days

Intermediary consolidation all around the world:

  • warehouse storage at departure airports throughout the world;
  • storage in transit warehouses located in Vilnius, Luxembourg, Frankfurt and Helsinki.

Insurance coverage

We issue the required documents and act as insurant for our clients while arranging insurance coverage of the air freight cargoes.

For any inquiry please kindly contact our air freight experts: