Choice and decision on the means of transport

The choice of the means of transport is based on the following factors: required transit time, estimated transport costs budget, type of commodity and – what is the key aspect – client business peculiarities.

Our experts do their best to suggest the most suitable transport solution. We ask our client a lot of questions and basing on the information provided, offer several appropriate options. We highlight main opportunities of different means of transport and key differences in delivery schemes.


Delivery by air transport is considered to be the most secure kind of delivery. The main advantage is the velocity and the possibility to ship a cargo, varying from small package to oversized equipment. The most surprising point is that delivery costs of the freight by air are comparable to truck delivery costs.


In case it is required to ship a cargo in a limited period of time and with reduced freight costs, road freight may be considered as the most suitable option. We arrange deliveries of small and big shipments, FTL and LTL, deliveries of cargoes of different sizes, with temperature conditions limits, etc. in Europe.


We can offer you FCL and LCL service. This means of transport is not the fastest one. Nevertheless it is very efficient for those clients who aim at shipping huge cargo volumes at a reasonable price. We take into account the chosen scheme and terms of delivery and consult our clients on the most efficient and safe types of packing and insurance coverage.


This solution suits for delivering cargoes of non-standard dimensions and significant weight, stored in remote regions of the world, for urgent shipments to be delivered at reduced price. This kind of freight assumes different means of transport: road, air, sea and railway. We usually suggest using this service if airports of destination or airports of departure are local small airports or if we should consolidate several shipments located in different parts of the world and deliver them to the consignee simultaneously, etc.